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Movin’ on…Down?

IMG_1511Exactly a week from today I will be leaving the snowy tundra of Minnesota for the currently flooded Houston, Texas. I moved from Washington state to Minnesota in 2011 with my mom and her wife and attended Augsburg College where I graduated in May. The second half of my senior year I started dating the love of my life and after I graduated he decided to move home to Texas so he could advance in his career choice which involves going to law school. Long distance relationships are hard enough but to do one for three or more years sounded ludicrous so it was decided that I would move to the Lonestar state.

To many people it seems as if I’m moving for a guy, and yes that’s part of it. I’m moving for him but I’m also moving for us, and myself. As someone who wants to travel for a living this move presented itself with some benefits. Texas is huge and has a lot of potential to get out and experience the South, a part of the country I’ve yet to really explore. Cities may not be close together but I’m up for a road trip!

I also think moving to Texas and moving in with the person I see myself with will benefit a bit more financially. With planning the move we both realized that we couldn’t just spend money on senseless things and that we should really focus on saving as much as possible. The fact that we’re moving in with not much in the way of furniture will also make us want to save more so we, well, have a place to sit.

The idea of visiting Texas was something that never crossed my mind. It’s a red state, and I’m not exactly of the red party. I’d heard nothing good came out of Texas but you really can’t judge a book by its cover…or a state by who came out of it. It’ll be an experience for sure, but one I’m absolutely willing to have.

Now it’s just a matter of tying up loose ends here in Minnesota; seeing friends, finishing packing, all the wonders that come with moving. But, here’s to the next adventure.

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Picture Post: The House on the Rock

In July of last year, Sam and I went to middle of nowhere Wisconsin to travel through The House on the Rock. I wanted to experience it after reading about its existence in American Gods by Neil Gaiman during one of my last college courses. We drove 4 hours from Minneapolis to Spring Green, WI and spent almost the same amount of time in the house. It was truly one of the most unique places I’ve been to. Here are some photos from the house, and keep in mind that these photos don’t even cover half of what we saw.












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Picture Post: Texas

It’s been a very long week and it’s about to be a very long weekend as well. That’s what happens when you work in sales and it’s Valentine’s Day weekend. I was put into a manager position for this week due to the absence of our actual manager and I’m quite tired, but I want to continue to post every week. For this week, I don’t have much to say that wouldn’t sound like a rant or completely bitchy (pardon my French). So instead this post is going to be for my favorite photos I took while in Texas in September. Enjoy.


IMG_7104  IMG_7108  IMG_7105




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My Love Hate Relationship With Winter

This year will mark my fifth year of living in the lovely state of Minnesota. When my family and I moved here after high school I was beyond excited to experience a real winter, my favorite season. Growing up in Washington State, there were some winters that were worse than others but it was ultimately a state that closed schools when there was very little snow on the ground. It was understandable though, Washington has hills, large ones. Ice and hills do not mix. My high school was situated on a hill. My house was up a massive hill. The majority of the winters in Washington however were quite mild and a dusting of snow on the trees transported you to a winter wonderland.

76976f478753edfa0faa63cebb1788fdMy favorite part of winter, at least in Washington, was when my moms’ and I would go to Leavenworth, essentially a town of eternal Christmas. Almost every year from the time I was four, we would go to Leavenworth and see their annual tree lighting festival. We’d rent a condo or house for the week(end) and spend our time shopping, eating, drinking hot chocolate, and ultimately watch as the town lit up with Christmas lights. The same winter wonderland existed here, with the Cascade Mountains right in view and beautiful snow you see in movies surrounded you everywhere. Leavenworth was and always will be my favorite part of winter.

I’ve now experienced a few Minnesota winters and this is where my love hate relationship begins. I love snow, I’ve always loved snow and winter because it’s always so beautiful when it first starts out. I now love snow but only when I’m watching it fall from the comfort of my house. I cherish time spent inside reading with a cup of tea, being able to glance up and see the beauty outside.

Here’s what I now really hate about winter. I can drive, and driving in snow is slow and terrible. Even with Minnesota being flat, it accumulates far more snow and driving conditions are treacherous. If Minnesota had the hills like Washington, I’d be screwed. The amount of slush that comes with the snow; it seems like there’s 200% more of it. It’s gross and sloppy. IFWith the snow comes the unbearable cold. Last winter it got to be around 50 below because of
wind chill. That’s not okay! To quote The Weeknd, “I can’t feel my face,” because it’s freezing! The last thing I’ve come to hate about winter is the fact of shoveling snow. As I’m writing this post, Minnesota is sitting through a blizzard that by the time I wake up will have dropped at least a foot of snow. I’m unsure if my place of employment will be closed tomorrow so assuming it does not I will have to get up at least 3 hours early in order to shovel my driveway, get ready, and then take extra time to get to work.

In the end, I still really enjoy the winter season because of it’s beauty and activities. But when I take a moment to look at reality, winter comes with a lot of work. I think though, that once I have the ability to do so I wouldn’t go somewhere warm to escape winter, I’d go back to Leavenworth or somewhere that’s more beautiful when sprinkled with fresh snow.