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C25K: Week 3

This week has been incredibly exhausting but also rewarding in a couple of ways. I started my job with the humane society and only had one day off. With my commute being an hour or even longer some days, the motivation to workout has been draining. I’m up by 7 and home around 6:30; I’m not a morning person so the early wake up isn’t my favorite. I made sure I kept to my routine though. I took the break days correctly so my body didn’t falter. Through the exhaustion I found some great reward. I’m working for an organization that strives to unite animals with forever homes and I’m working in an area that tries its hardest to make sure the animals aren’t sick and prevent sickness from an early age. I get to be around dogs and cats all day so I’d say I’m pretty damn happy. Plus this week with my C25K journey I accomplished something I haven’t been able to do in a long time or probably ever.

Week 3, Day 1: Brisk five minute warm up walk, then do two repetitions of the following: Jog for 90 seconds, walk for 90 seconds. Jog for 3 minutes, walk for 3 minutes.

I jogged for 3 minutes! Twice! I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever done that and if I have it was several years ago in my high school gym class. It definitely took my lungs into overdrive to accomplish this workout and sweat was coming out my eyeballs. I was extremely proud of myself for doing the full workout and not giving up even though my legs wanted to. I’m pretty sure I was swearing every few seconds when the second 3 minute jog session came around but it was just Sam and I in the gym so I really didn’t care. I already know that next week involves a five minute jog so I’m feeling the anticipation.

Week 3, Day 2: Same day 1 workout.

I did it again. I pushed through three minutes of jogging, twice. I sweat. I swore. I felt exhausted afterwards but I did it. That’s been the motto for these last three weeks and probably for the next five; I did it. I’m accomplishing these goals and these feats that I’ve never done in my life. I’m pushing myself to be someone better and get into a healthier lifestyle before it’s too late and it becomes even harder than it already is. My first step is this, these workouts. I know my diet still needs to chance and it will once finances are in better shape and buying groceries isn’t so daunting. Sam and I are focused on becoming better for ourselves and each other. He started working out far before me so I’m glad to have him by my side to push me along. But he knows as well as I do that chili dogs, chips and salsa, and BBQ wings aren’t going to fit into this life for long. It really is unfortunate that healthy foods are more expensive than processed crap. There needs to be a switch.

Week 3, Day 3: Same day 1 and 2 routine.

I really had to push myself to get up and finish this week off. I got home from work and took a nap and contemplated finishing the week the following day but I knew that going too long without the exercise would kill me. I got up and went to the gym and finished the week off strong. Luckily I was the only one in the room because the swearing was not in my head nor whispered this time around. I’m still not quite looking forward to this coming week with the five minutes of jogging but it doesn’t seem as daunting knowing it’s just a couple minutes more than what I’ve been doing.

Bring it on week 4!

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